Sunday, 10 October 2010

Part Time Jobs.

Holiday...but dis time it was different coz its long. So I decide to do part time job.

But 1st we need to choose d job. I was so picky. I want sumthing relax but got higher income :) I look 4 d job in restaurant, shoes store evrywhere near my house.

Then I saw a walk in interview to b a PA...yeah PA but it is Pharmacist Asst. actually :P  I got d job with reasonable payment. But its really make me sick dealing wif d medicine. I need to memorize d name, know where its located on d shelf. It took me 2 days b4 realize it wasnt fun at all...

After that I saw an Ad looking 4 a Tutor. Wah, I was so excited to give it a try. I really wanna b a teacher.

" What subject u prefer d most? "
" All " *wink*

So, I started my job as a Tutor. Teaching Math, Science, BM n English to primary school students. FYI since I became one of d member to Pusat Tuisyen Cahaya Didik, I never speak Malay...nak jaga standad :) even with my students.Btw they called me Teacher L, actually I asked them to do so...wahaha..

From there, sumone noticed my talent. He is from Chaster Properties Agency.  He proposed to me to b an operator at his company. He really wanna have me join him as he offered my starting salary will be RM1K plus commision on evry buyer I have.

All I need to do is to call random number from d list I was given. Persuade them to invest, to sell, to rent or to buy any units. It maybe sounds soo simple, but it isnt. Really tired talking like robot provided with a same script everyday.

Plus some clients are very rude towards me. N dis time they really messed wif d wrong person. Hello.. please understand I'm new here. Show some respect...anyone yelled at me, i screamed histerically to them with lot lot lot of cursing :) serve them right.

"Dont take it personally, just act professionally", my boss said

Like I care... after one day I quicked. I decide to just continue wif teaching...till now. So evryone please call me Teacher L.

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muhammadthoriq said...

hi teacher L!
bile mau update blog lg?

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